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Ricky was pretty much the most legendary TA at Duke west term 1. He was the TA for Adrian's Original Nukes. He can be described as a short, sassy, Mexican. This man, Ricardo Gaytan, moved through the class's popularity from being the subject of blame to idolship in week two and finally class friend in the final week.

First Day

Ricky definitely had an interesting first day ever as a TA. He was very fashionably late in picking up his class from main quad. He also got the class lost, twice. It was a very great first impression the class as a whole got of him, but instead of completely shunning him for his mistakes, Alyson Win made the very overused but still funny hashtag #thanksricky. Based off of the trend #ThanksObama, every time Ricky would mess up (trust me that was numerous times throughout the term), the Nukes would tell him in a very sarcastic tone, "Thanks Ricky." Somehow from all of that, Alyson and Michela became leaders of the newly formed Ricky cult, and half the class ended up following the popular religion throughout the first week. Rickyism became a popular religion that included an instagram page dedicated to Ricky called rickyfanclub along with planned beanie baby sacrifices in the name of Ricky until Broshism took over as the dominant religion in Nuclear Science. #ThanksRicky became so popular that it was actually on the Nuclear Science shirt which is an explosion with the caption Thanks Ricky with NUKES spelled out in various chemical elements


Ricky may have been the TA of Nuclear Science, but that didn't mean he wasn't immune to the dreaded punishment die. He was punished more than most of the class was.

First Offense

Ricky was about twenty minutes late in picking his Nukes up for evening study. He overslept and most of the class was wondering about his whereabouts. He was sentenced to rolling the die and ended up having to bring gummy worms for the whole class

Second Offense

I'm not exactly sure what Ricky did to deserve rolling the die again, but I'm pretty sure he was late. The die, this time, sentenced him to singing a duet with one of the students, Scott. They did a beautiful rendition of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" With Ricky as the guy and Scott as the girl. That day they had quite an audience with Psych of Decision watching due to their involvement with the Nukes that afternoon as well as Neuroscience coming in from next door and watching.

Ricky Facts

  • Ricky was surprisingly good at slapping in during the endless ERS games some of the Nukes would play during breaks
  • Ricky was a little freaked out at how much Alyson would play cards the first week
  • Ricky was also a little freaked out when Alyson and Michela approached him about shipping people in their class
  • Ricky swore to Adam that he would bust him for breaking the baseball bat rule at the second dance (and the first and third :p )
  • Scott gave Ricky stilts in his will
  • Ricky started the bets on who would win the Nertz tournament the last day (Alyson forgives Ricky for not betting on her)
  • On the last day, the Nukes showed Ricky his fan club instagram page and he just laughed
  • The first week, Ricky remembered everyone's name but Michela's.
  • He wasn't exactly the TA of the year to Tina and the other higherups, but he was definitely TA of the year to the Nukes!
  • The whole campus came to know of Ricky and the #thanksricky
  • Ricky was pretty much always around even after class
  • Ricky also took the most epic Oscar selfies without the help of a front facing camera
  • Ricky also claims that he is the biggest Spongebob fanatic to walk the earth

Things said by Ricky

  • "Are you playing cards, AGAIN, Alyson??" (said by Ricky when he passed by Alyson trying to teach Jordan nertz during free time)
  • "Guys, I'm not even late to picking you up!"
  • "So are you guys doing some sort of shipping thing with our classmates?"