Rico Garcia

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Davidson T2 2014

Despite his current fame, Rico's story is one with humble beginnings. Rico, then called Ricky, took Psychology at Davidson Term 2 2014, and mostly hung out with Will Scarborough and Kolya Souvorin, with whom he performed "you're the best" from the Karate Kid at the talent show. He coined his rag's nickname, "The Inquisitorial Squad", which they called themselves because they were the boys. Apart from this, nothing of note happened to Rico his first year.

East T1 2015

The second chapter of our story begins with a colossal moment in TiP history: the birth of Rico. On the first day of TiP at East Term 1 2015, the unsuspecting boys were playing frisbee on the quad, not knowing they were about to witness history. It was at this moment that a preppy young boy with ambitions greater than most stepped on the quad and first introduced himself to Noah Cornelius. "I'm your Uncle Rico", he said jokingly to the singer/songwriter. When asked who Rico was, Noah Cornelius proclaimed, "this is our uncle Rico!", and thus people thought his name was Rico, and the name stuck. His relationtip was Kris, and they broke up during the second week, not surviving the infamous purge. This term, Rico took Empire, taught by the legendary Nacona Nix. He went on to perform "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch at TiP Sync with Big Tuna, and a legend was born. He mostly hung out with Robbie and his roommate Jonah Simon.

East T2 2016

Encouraged to switch to Term 2 by a classmate from home, Rico returned to East Campus 3 weeks later than he had the year before, greeted by unfamiliar faces and shenanigans just waiting to be had. The first friend he made here was SOL-to-be Joe Ernst, most notable for being extremely handsome. Rico met many people and made many friends this day but the most significant boy he would meet at tip would be his roommate, Quinn Cooper. The legends say they knew each other instantly, as if fate brought them together, no homo. Most notably, Rico performed "Year 3000" for TiP Sync with Nic Ho and Joe Ernst, ate a very spicy bowl of ramen with Logan Freeman, kissed Kyle Ingram during a game of spin the bottle, and performed "Hallelujah" for the talent show having completely lost his voice. At the end of the term, Rico and Nick Woodman were given Oh What's up by Hank Humphries and Luke Gomez in substitution for Csiggy, Victoria Lawton, and Nic Ho(it's complicated). However, the most notable thing Rico did his third year was the birth of the Second Floor Bassett chant, which the third year boys used as a rallying cry all the time. It should also be noted that Rico cried for a record three hours the day that Quinn left.

East T2 2017

In the last chapter of Rico's career, he began to settle down. He had a relationtip with Madison Ward, who was perfect for him, and they had a son named Michael Bell, who would go on to receive SOL. Most notably, Rico played Olivia Newton-John in the fourth year boys' tip sync of "Summer Nights" from Grease, where he kissed Quinn Cooper, playing John Travolta opposite him, maintaining the standard of public displays of heteroflexibility at tip. He won Distraction at quad fest for the second year in a row, showcased an incredible relationship with Nick Woodman during Oh What's Up, and performed a song he had written about tip at the talent show. He cried a lot when Madison left, and on the last day, Rico left, never to be seen again, and Ricky flew home to Jacksonville. He later returned to violate the statue of Benjamin Duke in unspeakable ways. He spent his days at tip up top, because you already know it's never down low.