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Robotics duke west term 1 2010

this Robotics class was very interesting it was teached by the instructer hernes and by the TA alex. the class wasnt all that hard if u knew code all ready but if u didnt it was horrible we worked with simulators and we worked with many engeneering problems. we didnt do many paper work we only had one quiz the entire class. we mostly worked on computer which took us time to get and we also order irobots to work with and we used them as our final project which was to create a robot pong and a robot soccer with the robots and using cameras to see and make it do orders you could usually play games during class if u were good at doing the codeds we usually played pokemon or i wannabe the guy during class when we were done and during breaks we would either play ERS or Mao. the best one in the class was Robert franklin he was a great code maker and he was mad funny. one of his favorite pokemons was Bidoof which eventually became a class icon and we usually heard our selfs saying his way of talking which was errr errrrrrrrr robert said it the most and he said it in his fourth year last speak.


  • Robert franklin
  • Evan
  • Daniel vasquez
  • Robert He
  • James yi
  • lawrence Wu
  • Kevin
  • isaac"Deon"
  • isaac
  • Alex
  • Shane
  • William"hill"
  • Caus
  • Sam"ginger"
  • Sabanshu
  • Not finished

Duke West Term 1 2012

JD is awesome, no exceptions. Robotics was pretty much learning how to code using Python and C++, and then using that information to use turtlebots, iRobot Creates with netbooks and an Xbox Kinect. Staircases and backward staircases and pi and circles like to frustrate us, and no one will ever get a 100 on a [real] quiz. Presidents and Mao during breaks, and of course, tag, hide n go seek, or hide n go seek tag [even if we weren't allowed to but who cares]. We definitely won many more challenges than JD says, and we will always get lost going to class. DJ is cool too, and so is Dante. Playing Bomberman on the last day was awesome.


  • "In a minute not yet."
  • "Add a comma."
  • "One does not simply MAKE a staircase."
  • "Sounds like a personal problem."
  • "What could you POSSIBLY have a question about?"


  • Bennett
  • Taylor
  • Hans
  • Kalya -> Written as "Kayla" on class T-shirt
  • Logan
  • Scott
  • Tara
  • Luke
  • Alice
  • Michael
  • Ross
  • Cole
  • Jack
  • Creighton
  • Matt
  • Joseph
  • Caroline
  • Wolf