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Rockism is a small rock-oriented religion created by the UGA Term 2 Philosophy of Knowledge class in 2015. It originated through the age-old philosophical question of: "If there is an omnipotent God, can He create a rock that is so heavy He cannot lift it?" Instead of taking this question as a religious fallacy, the Philosophy of Knowledge class decided to look at the question in a completely different light and decided that the Rock actually is God.

Rockism originated with a few close-knit disciples and to date has one convert. Originally on the bus to class at exactly 2:03PM a prayer was said amongst the disciples, but this practice later fell out of use towards the end of the term. Prayers to the Rock God were resurrected during NerdQuest 2015, even though Philosophy of Knowledge did not win.

The legendary rock that was carried almost all term by fourth year Simon Skeen (aka the Geode) was passed down to third-year Alex Rea on the last day, making her the new Geode.

Rockism previously had its own blog but it has since been deleted.