Room 123

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Room 123

Room 123 was inhabited by Macie (Mr. Brightside) Richard(hehe)son and Lily Cate Hunter. This room, located on the first floor of Alspaugh is remembered by the two as the “Connor’s blood” room. This is due to the fact that upon arrival, Lily Cate noticed writing on one of the mattresses in sharpie that read “Connor’s blood.” Being the person that she was, she chose to take the other bed instead, and let her wonderful roommate experience the cursed bed for herself.

Pixley’s role----

Other than that, this room is remembered by Pixley Marqusbqikwbwbdt (or however you say it) as the sicko mode room. To elaborate, Lily Cate was extra and brought a letter board to tip that read “Y’all wanna hear sicko mode or mo bamba?” Things were great and she was even getting some clout from the sign...this was until the morning when the sign was knocked off her bedside table and it was quickly put back up without a second thought. Sometime later in the day Lily Cate noticed a few letters were missing but was too lazy to fix them. Periodically over term Pixley would stand in the doorway of the room and attempt to read the abomination of the letters (as the sign was continually knocked down over term.) During the second week, Lily Cate even won the “most likely to want to play ‘sicko mode r obama’” as nominated by Pixley. The last night of the term, Lily Cate asked Pixley to read the sign one final time. To this day, it reads as follows: y l w n h r s ck m amba, which Pixley pronounced perfectly.

Anna and Sydney’s Role----

Furthermore, this room will be remembered by Sydney and Anna Walker as the room with the weird connecting door that wouldn’t open.This door is located in between room 123 and 124 and will not unlock. More than once (3 nights in a row in fact) Macie and Lily Cate knocked on the weird connecting door attached to Anna’s room for the fun of it. This was always done after lights out which made it all the more funny when Anna actually opened her real door.

By Lily Cate Hunter