Room 222

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Known as "the Fourth Year Lounge", 222 became the center of so many shenanigans at Rice term 2 2019. Firstly, this room saw the origin of spinch (later adopted by the Astronautical Engineering class). As the term progressed, 222 gained several chairs, stools, and a couch and was briefly visited by Treesus (until Brando and Victoria forced Treesus' return (rest in power, Treesus)). After one of the dances, the fourth years broke apart the leis and created a massive "web" that was duct taped to the wall until the end of term. As more art was created, it was prominently taped to the walls as a display of the fourth years' raw artistic talent. Many games of Quiplash were played in here to the point that many fourth years lost even more faith in humanity (you can never look at Frosty the Snowman or bears the same again). So much Febreeze was sprayed into this room that entering should be classified as a choking hazard. Since the 2 fourth year RC's rooms were on opposite ends of the 2nd floor, this room truly became the place where the fourth years bonded.

Pro tip: play Paranoia within the first week at TiP; it's a great ice breaker.

Anywho, 222 became the place of worship for Beans/Treesus/Jones yet did not receive any tax breaks (unfortunately). Since Treesus was removed from the room, the fourth years decided it would be a good idea to order a fake tree and have it arrive all during the last week of TiP; however, they failed to buy a pot, so the tree rested in the corner of the lounge. Strings of lights were also purchased and subsequently strung up.

Notable Decorations include:

  • The web
  • Jones
  • The String of Lights
  • Treesus (temporarily)
  • Amazon Treesus (to replace the real Treesus)
  • The missing poster
  • The BDSM tape painting and its weak brother (two lion paintings stolen from 322 and taped up very poorly)
  • "Internal Chaos" a watercolour made by Audrey of Milan
  • "Ode to Jones" by Milan
  • "Booty Call to BEANS" by Audrey
  • The Pointillism Works