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The TIP Roommate Form

Unsurprisingly the Roommate Form is the form that aspiring TIPsters must fill out in order to find a compatable roommate. The Counselor generally pairs roommates.

For all those tipsters who are plotting to arrange roommates with another TIPster, it doesn't generally work but here is the form to assist with plotting:

I prefer to: a. hang out with friends b. spend time by myself.

I consider myself a: a. Morning Person b. Night Owl

How do you feel about personal space? 1. I am very private. I like my possessions to myself, separate from others' stuff. 10. I am very open with my belongings. Share and share alike

How would you describe your personality? 1. Shy 3. Quiet 5. Social 7. Loud 10. Hyper

How would you describe your messiness/neatness? 1. Neat Freak 3. Organized 5. Tidy 7. Messy 10. Total Slob

Your taste in music. What type of music do you listen to? What music drives you crazy? Give examples of your favorite tunes.

What habits of yours might bother a roommate?

What habits of a roommate would likely bother you?

Anything else about yourself that would assist us in assigning your roommate(s) and residential group.

NOTE: In my three years at TiP thus far, I have never once been paired with a roommate that put down the same criteria on their roommate form. Invariably, I have been set up with my foil in cleanliness, personality and especially AM wakeup. Hopefully this information will be of help to BFF plotters. --FS

I've never gotten matched up with a room or room mates that I've had anything in common with. My RC's say they match us up according to types of music we like and our interests but last term my room mate and we hated each other and each other's music. We had absolutely nothing in common and we were constantly fighting. The room mate form is completely unhelpful.

It should be noted that East Term I 2011, 4th year Julianna Laseter literally begged on her "Anything else about yourself" section. She actually listed about 7 or 8 people that "would just be fantastic" to room with. Terricia thought it was funny, so she put a few of those girls in her RAG.

One of my RC's actually told me that she never got our roommate forms, and so based them off her own machinations. Another RC said that they were random entirely.

**During East Term I of 2013, me and my friend matched all of the answers the same, and also in the additional notes sections requested that we would both be paired together as we were best friends and worked well together. Also we said in each answer that we did not like people with interests separate from our own, and basically made it sound like if we were paired with anyone other than someone literally identical from us we would have a really sucky time. We did end up getting paired together!!! Upon meeting our RC, she promptly mentioned that she thought it was hilarious how we had done our forms the exact same:) It probably doesn't work so well for everyone, but I know for me and my friend we had a very cool RC who I'm sure is one of the reasons we actually ended up as roommates, and we are planning on trying again this year!**