Ryan R

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The chillest RC at Rice University Term 1 2018. He goes to LSU and is in a pretty lit Frat. He's trash at ERS lowkey. While he is a great role model, Ryan has been known to be a bad boy. Ryan is fairly lax on the rules. Ryan has had a fairly interesting life however he wasn’t a Tipster. Ryan had his first kiss at 15 or 16 from one of his friends crushes who he didn’t like. His friend asked his crush for a kiss goodnight and she went and kissed Ryan. In high shool, Ryan was a smart student especially in math, which he was accepted into harvard for. However Ryan chose LSU to become an engineer. In a couple years, Ryan will reflect on how he really didn’t want to do that. Ryan works at a bar at LSU as a bouncer, which is pretty bada**, and he has never lost a fight. This is surprising considering he is 5’8”, 155. Ryan lives in a house with his friend with a very complicated relationship because Ryan is a really cool dude. Ryan Ramchadani was not effected by the death of X and he is most likely pro death. Likes to cry while watching anime.