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Ginger He has no soul Jk yes he does

Ryan is a funny guys that is known for having to take his meds, but with or without them, to me, he is a funny guy everyday. He is possibly the best friend anybody could have and is extremely good at trend setting. His most famous line is possibly Coyote Stew, which was on the 4th year boy's first RC group night. Ryan and Jas had formed an unstoppable tag team duo (except for the stairs incident, its not loaded, i swear... ) for Nerf Zombie War. Being one of the last groups to survive Ryan and Jas were lured out by Geoff who promised them a special weapon if they could complete a task he had for them. The task consisted of Ryan having to give up his gun to Geoff and Jas being forced to protect him, while Ryan had to give Geoff a list of ingredients and a how-to to make soup/stew. Ryan in a fit of panic at the ongoing horde of zombies began to shout out ingredients most notable being, " Ryan- uhh uhh we are gonna throw some onions in, some peppers how bout some beef, Geoff- Where are you gonna get beef from it's the apocalypse... Ryan-frickin Coyotes thats from where ( and ryan continued to list out other ingredients, it should be noted that Jas the entire time was yelling at Ryan to boil the water.) The pair did eventually complete the task and Ryan received an awesome LOOKING shotgun in actuality it fired two shots and thats not good against a zombie horde. The group was mercilessly cut down a few seconds after that.

Ryan and Jas after this point became the terror of Geoffs RC group causing the meetings to run on for nigh on 30 minutes, Ryan would always comment on something and Jas would have to comment back. This would then cause the RC group as a whole to start commenting and nothing got done.

During the Harry Potter Movie (the last one) Ryan gave Jas about 5 levels of shut-upness" starting from "jas shut up" "jas be quiet" "dude shut up" "shut the f**k up" and finally "Jas do you know what F***in be quiet means?" All in all Ryan is one helluva cool guy and a true friend.