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Sabrina Fiske was tragically only a tipster in 2015. She is possibly one of the most beautiful human beings you will ever meet. Like what a goddess I can't even.


Sabrina spent her first and only year at TIP East (East is Beast). She took Criminal Trial Advocacy with the famed Don. She now wears his face on her class T-Shirt. She could be often found either hanging out with her friends from CTA (Evellyn, Sarah Michael, Sydney, etc) or her squad (Josey, Duco, Katie Hyry -there were too many 4th year Katies that year-, Ro Harvey, Marisa, Stripes, Drew, Sylvia, Adrian, Maggie, and Henry). Sabrina lived in Bassett on the first floor, and her roommate was Karin Scott. She was in Shaunni's RAG (the Velocirag) and bonded with all her RAGmates. Sabrina participated in the 4th year girls' TipSync that year where she threw "CONGRESS" on the ground in their rendition of "I threw it on the ground." Sadly during first week, she was partially was occupied with tipsynch and as a result spent less time with her dear friend Josey and had to sit in a different spot during the performance. Also during the first week, Sabrina was a part of the one and only spontaneous improv session on Lily Steps (the session that contained an overly sexual August, a weird author named Skippy V, prostitues Ro and Josey with T-Rex claws, etc.). During improv, Sabrina performed the part of a blind excited daughter being chased by Duco the Bear, and Henry the friendly camp counselor. She was sadly reee’d the next night.

Sabrina flew solo to all of the dances (she rocked a Gryffindor tie at the first one and her makeup was always on point). Because she was so hot, she intimidated most of the tip boys who were far less attractive and too afraid to ask her out. In addition to looking fine, Sabrina also had amazing Cuban dancing skills. She and her beautiful friend Ro would spontaneously break into salsa dancing whenever they felt like it amongst their friends, and then ey blessed everyone by teaching them how to salsa, and just generally showing off their amazing dance skills. Sabrina, being Cuban, would often break out into spanish with her friend Ro, who was also Cuban, at random times when they did not want those around to understand. This would be generally frustrating to everyone but it seemed to bring great joy to both Ro and Sabrina (It did it was beautiful).

Sabrina had many wonderful experiences at tip, possibly the best of which was going to see Jurassic world on her second RAG night. Sabrina and Josey purchased a popcorn and coke together, which they shared throughout the movie (it was very romantic). During the film, which was actually quite a terrible sexist movie, they commented on the fine quality of Chris Pratt's ass and made loud OOOOOOOOOO noises whenever someone was eaten by a dinosaur. They kept a running commentary throughout the whole movie, during part of which sabrina was laughing so hard she couldn't breathe, and probably annoyed all those around them very much. One of the best puns of the entire term occurred between them; thought of by Sabrina, it was, "Wow Chris Pratt needs to let that ASSet out of containment."

Sabrina was also the Vice President of the Purity Squad before it was forcibly disbanded by RC's after the great Rice Purity Test incident. Sabrina scored a 98 on the test and continually recruited and supported the more innocent "lil bebs" of the tip community. She was also one of the creators of the Purity Squad handshake during which, after a series of hand holds and fist bumps, the two purity squad members would shout PS which reportedly sounded like "penis" to those across the quad. Sabrina participated in both of the painting and drawing activities. However, during the first one, she painted a majestic family portrait containing Josey (her mother), Adrian (her brother), Drew (her child), and herself; some of the people in the portraits had wings, others did not depending on their status as fairies.

Sabrina also was able to lead the doggy doggy chant one day at lunch with Josey and Annie. This was almost directly after Shaunni attempted to stop her RAG from participating in the cheer (she was later reprimanded by Shawn).

Sabrina went to the Durham Bulls game with her squad which all sat together. Sadly, Sabrina was separated from the majority of the squad in the row above them which did not allow her to fit in many of the group selfies which made her very sad. She did however participate in the lively discussion of men's restroom etiquette that occurred during the majority of the game (which wasn't really watched except to remark on the quality of the baseball players' asses). When the squad left to go get snacks, in order to help them stay together, Sabrina created a count off and became the honorary mom of the squad (however she was only the true mother of Drew and Marisa).

At Quadfest, after the paint fight in which Sabrina received many blue handprints from her loving friends, she participated in the pudding feed with Drew. Sabrina's quadfest shirt now has chocolate pudding stains on it in addition to all the paint.

On the last night, Sabrina rode to the talent show with Josey on the bus and then proceeded to sit with her and Marisa at the show itself. Sabrina sobbed for most of the second half of the talent show and was frustrated by her inability to be comforted by Josey because Stripes had his arm around her for a large part of the show. Sabrina was cast in the Lanyard/West version of Doctor Doctor during the talent show. She was the "daughter" or tipster who died when she was hit with a swinging lanyard. After the talent show she rode back to East Campus, crying the whole way with Josey who was also a mess. While they waited later on in the evening to go out and eat sketchy Mexican food, Sabrina participated in a large cuddle puddle on the floor of Bassett commons. Sabrina also spent a long time hanging out with her amazing friend Ro, even though they couldn't even look at each other without bursting into tears. Every single time they saw each other they would start sobbing, hug, than 5 minutes later come back and do the same thing all over again. She also spent time with Ro and Peter Gado, who formed the Latino Squad and together were some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. At the sketchy mexican place, Sabrina was witness to the drunk guy walking down the stairs saying "___________." It was an exciting experience. In the morning, Sabrina was walked to the bus stop by Josey and Ro on the way to catch her flight. It was an emotional experience for all that involved many many hugs and lots of crying.

Sabrina, even though she was only at TIP for one year, left a tip legacy that should last for years. She touched everyone who met her and is a literal goddess. Fin.