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Sade Alford was one amazing, beautiful RC of Fourth Floor Sentelle. She could be found reprimanding Ubin, Becca or Kasey during Term II, listening to music or on the phone during free time, lounging on the couch on her day off, or hugging each and every one of her girls, showing her obvious affection. Her RC group won most original TipSync dance for their replacement of not Tippropriate words with apple juice. Her nickname was Big Momma, one that she did not accept with pride, but was given nonetheless after the first RC meeting when she told her girls that 'She was like their Momma'. Sade is related to the RC Traven, whom the girls called Uncle Traven and would hug almost as much as they hugged Sade. The beautiful Ms. Alford is studying to be a teacher- a math teacher. For the TIP talent show, she was found performing a talented rendition of 'Wannabe' by the Spice Girls, which was obviously the bestt act. The person who made this page has an undying love for Sade, and misses her deeply. Sade was overall, the most supermegaawesome RC that has ever lived. Quotes by Sade: "Get to STEPPIN!" Meaning: GET OUT MY FACE, FOOL. (Told frequently to Ubin, Becca, and Kasey.) "

Input from some of her girls.

Leanna- I was Big Momma's little country chick. I was one of the few that she would hug and not say her most infamous words "imma throw up". She loved all of us very dearly and we know we were close to her heart even if she never admitted it. She was a strong believerin tough love and if she said jump you would ask how high without hesitation. Her tough love was not just for us, if one of the third floor (or any other floor) boys (or girls) messed with us in any way she would go tell them off for us (after the first time we were never messed with again. I love Big Momma a lot no matter how many times we were sent to bed without hugs had no water and were forced to practice for tipsynch it all paid off when we won most original. She helped make this one of the best eperiences of my life.I LOVE YOU BIG MOMMA!!!!!!!!!