Safe-Sex Batman

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Safe-Sex Batman was a shadowy figure seen around East Campus on the last night of term 2 2012, either perching on the B. Duke statue or running around giving (rather forceful) advice to love-induced fourth years. The figure was wearing a batman cape and cowl, with a plethora of phrases to yell in the "I am the Batman!" voice. Some included were:

"Batman does not condone underage sexual activtity, but if you plan on engaging in such then it is important that you take necessary precautions."

"These aren't the condoms that Gotham City wants, but these are the condoms that Gotham City needs."

"I just want you to think about your future. One bad decision and you could end up dead and pregnant."

"Remember kids, abstinence is the only birth control."

Year by year, Safe-Sex Batman fights against the villains of teen pregnancy and fourth year libidos.