Sahdude Cult

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The Sahdude Cult is an organization created by Alex Beaver, Michelle "Flexicia" McCleod, Lauren Jacks, and Sophia Berry. The Cult formed in Term 2 of 2017 at the Wake Forest campus. To gain entry into the cult, you must go through the initiation process. This process consists of the four founders and the joining member to drink from the Holy Coffee Cup. The Cup contains a disgusting concoction which consists of a lot of hazelnut coffee creamer and very, very little actual coffee. This substance can be substituted with tea and milk if need be. In one special instance, it was substituted with frozen yogurt and Mountain Dew. Inductions take place at meals, usually dinner. After induction, a variety of perks are bestowed upon the inductee. These perks include the ability to say "Sahdude" and partake of the Sahdude hand motion without being forcibly removed from this life by any Beyond Baker Street member, instant friendship with other Cult members, and all members will be required to avenge your death if you are murdered. The Sahdude hand motion is the hand motion normally associated with the phrase "hang loose". A requirement to join is being supportive of the LGBT community. Active members include: Alex Beavers, Michelle McCleod, Lauren Jacks, Sophia Berry, Jansen, Taylor, Jill, Kendall, Dashil, Trinity, Matt, Rieley, Jamie, Will, Josh, Daheir, Trent, Yas-Man Squito, Haley, Max, Jorge, Watson #3, Ben, Jack, Audrey, Valerie, Kallie, Jackson, Ella, and Jo.