Sahil Patel

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Sahil was a 2nd year at UGA Term 2, 2011. He was in Pharmacology, the only male in the class. Sahil had many nicknames, such as Salt, Sasha, and more popular (to the greeters at Summit), Diamond.

Sahil is hilarious and is known for his amazing laugh. Everyone loves Sahil. Sahil is also known for his very convincing outfit on Opposite Day.. heels, a striped shirt, and a skirt. He walked in the mud and we have no update on whether or not the heels survived the outdoor excursion.

He has a hubcap named Hubcap whom he picked up off the street and took home. Sahil met his best friend, Olivia Parker, when teaching her how to take blood pressure. "Don't twist your arm!"

Sahil will always be remembered. Abel's Angels and Salt.