Salt Goblin and Gremlin Man

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Salt Goblin and Gremlin Man are two mysterious beings otherwise known as Natalie Pantuso and Katie Gulkis. The names originated at Georgia Tech Term 2 2016.

Salt Goblin came to life when Natalie put salt on absolutely everything, including straight into her mouth from the shaker. The entire RAG was so disgusted, she gained the nickname of Salt Goblin (because she gobbles all that salt), dubbed by Katie. The name also serves as a symbol for Natalie's saltiness.

Gremlin Man was created because Katie painted herself green during quadfest at Georgia Tech (get shrekt), and once she started to sweat, it stained her skin. She claimed that she was turning into a gremlin, and from that day forth, Gremlin Man roamed the campus streets.

The two have even made buttons for each other that say these nicknames, and Katie's mom gave both Katie and Natalie towels embroidered with these names during their last term at Duke East 2017.

Long live the Salt Goblin and Gremlin Man.