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Duke West 2011 Term II

We are notorious for being the awesomest RAG in TIP history and often impressed/intimidated all the other RAGs by counting off with our Greek sorority name, AΓΛΚβΣΔΙΩΠ...Ν! Near the end of term, we... acquired RC Sean's ukulele and attempted to ransom it back.

Members: Stella Lee - Alpha

Samantha Tackett - Gamma

Glenn Jacoby - Lambda

Emily Adler - Kappa

Anna Soifer - Omega

Hannah Dakin -

Soumya Gogia - Delta

Brandy Bonczek -

Alicia Wood - Iota

Anna Yannakopoulos - Pi

Samantha Brooks (RC) - Nu!

Honorary Member:

Kaye Lin Kuphal - Theta


Jon Baker (RC)-

Bruno Giampietro (OA)- Tau

Sean David Fortney (RC of the Cereal Killers) - Phi


"The Sketchy Staircase of Sketch..."

"Anna Elizabeth Yannakopoulos!!"

"A tarantula probably has more hair per square inch than Ernest Hemmingway."

"Let's play claps! Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. This time it's ...."

"I would totally tell Gandhi I'm hot."

"Coffee break!"