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Here lies the monumental essay that got Sam to paint his nails. Read if you will. (Davidson College Term 1 2018)

As Charlie Munger, esteemed American investor, businessman, and philanthropist said, “Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome.” Incentive is an extremely important factor in competition enthusiasm. Many articles and studies list incentives as the number one factor in increased performance and motivation in many activities, especially physical events. I personally believe that Sam should offer the incentive of painting his nails not only because of the increased motivation, but also because of the job position that he holds, the fact that it would show team spirit, and the fact that the majority of the campus supports this decision to erase the segregation of gender norms and establish an accepting environment at TIP.

Primarily, Sam painting his nails offers an incentive that can increase the TIPster’s motivation to win. According to the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), properly constructed incentives can increase performance in competitions between peers as much as 44%. As TIP RC Dove Michaels says, “Sam painting his nails as an incentive is cool.” which means much more in our modern day society where words like “cool” or “lit” are seen as a symbol or signal of popularity and can mean much more than just the small words they seem to be. Along with this, studies show that recognition is crucial to an employee’s success in the long terms, because it boosts morale and encourages students to work harder. “I think it’ll increase incentive because of the silly societal norms that motivate children to want silly things.” said Melanie, an RC here at Davidson College.

Additionally, Sam’s job description involves making sure every student is enjoying their time here at TIP. As Sam himself stated, “The ultimate goal of my job is make sure you all [students] are having fun at all times.” By painting nails, Sam will make the field day experience more enjoyable for everyone at TIP and earn a lot of support for this decision. As TIPster Danielle mentions, “It would prove that he’s actually dedicated to the camp.” and as Academic Program Assistant Erica Harreveld stated, “I hate being outside, but I would attend field day to see Sam paint his nails.” Finally, as Shreya, another TIP student, so simply put it, “It would be a fun thingy to do.” As all of these quotes illustrate, Sam’s job requires him to make sure that all TIP campers are having fun, and for the select students that don’t enjoy athletic activities as much, this simple and very easily accomplishable action can be the thing that makes their day in the end. As Elaina, another student at Davidson, said, “It would be funny.”

Furthermore, painting his nails would prove that Sam has team spirit and is dedicated to this camp. According to blue team competitor Ali, “I think it would be amazing because it would show team spirit.” Along with this, Danielle, another student here, says, “It would prove he’s actually dedicated to the camp.” Additionally, Academic Coordinator Tara A. Gold stated, “It shows his spirit and dedication to TIP.” Finally, RC Curtis Pope says, “Sam should paint his nails because it would show team unity.” All of these quotes show that people truly do feel that Sam painting his nails will unite TIP and show his dedication. “I think that it would get students excited about field day.” Said RC Noelle Stroud when questioned.

Finally, the majority of TIP students support Sam painting his nails, and the TIP staff supports the implications that come along with it. A recent study conducted by TIP camper Saachi Mody on 25% of the TIP population shows that 100% of the TIP students are in agreement with this decision. “I very much believe that Sam should do it. He is a true inspiration…if he does it.” says TIPster Kaitlyn. Also according to the survey conducted by Saachi Mody, which has been verified as accurate, 20 out of 20 staff members support this decision and its implications. Once again, as RC Melanie Becker stated, “I think it’ll increase incentive because of the silly societal norms that motivate children to want silly things.” As well as this statement, Tara Gold, a figure of authority here at TIP mentioned that, “We would also like to dismantle gender norms.” By painting his nails, Sam is setting an example that it is okay to be different and stand out in the modern day, especially in a society where manicures are becoming more and more popular among men.

In summary, Sam painting his nails is a great idea because of many reasons. It offers an incentive for TIPsters, it would show team spirit, the job position he holds requires him to make sure that people are having fun, which painting his nails would do, and the fact that the majority of campus supports the implications of this idea. Sam, a leader on our campus, can show students that being different is nothing to be concerned about, and that TIP is an open space where people can feel free to be themselves. “Always be yourself!” says renowned actor Bella Thorne.