Sam's Prickle

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Sam's RAG of Duke West Term 2 2013 (known as Sam's Prickle of Hedgehogs) were agreed by all to be the most amazing of all fourth year RAG's. In fact, a certain gentleman was quoted as saying this RAG "was the most attractive and had all the hot girls." Sam's girls count off with the lyrics of "Hey Jude," and the quickest way to find them is to yell SAMRAGSWAG! Anyone who yells BOIII back is without a doubt a true hedgehog.


  • Sam: MLT be a mama hedgehog
  • Carolyn: MLT be good at everything
  • Chandler: MLT be the most enthusiastic person in the room
  • Chelsea: MLT be Raven Baxter's best friend
  • Denise: MLT say non-TIPpropriate things at the worst times
  • Hannah: MLT be an eye model
  • Jaci: MLT be the next Princess Kate
  • Katherine M.: MLT be a Disney princess
  • Katherine Z.: MLT stalk everyone
  • Madeleine: MLT have food in her overalls
  • Olivia: MLT give a bear hug
  • Pri: MLT forget her meds
  • Sara C.: MLT be back in black
  • Sarah G.: MLT start a fan club
  • Sesalie: MLT dance like a thug


The Hedgehogs performed astoundingly well at TIP sync, impressing all with their rendition of a Gwen Stefani "Sweet Escape"/"Hollaback Girl" mashup. They perfected the dance battle, going back and forth between the sweethearts of "Sweet Escape" and the thugs of "Hollaback Girl." No one could tell who was the winner (this Hedgehog leans towards the sweethearts), but both groups joined together in the end as they learned how to spell B-A-N-A-N-A-S. The shining moment of the performance was Mama Hedgehog Sam's spectacular rap, which was followed by an even more stunning flip off the stage.

Also noteworthy was the entire RAG taking the stage with the RC's and a handful of other, less awesome fourth years for the final song and dance.

The Great War

In the early stages of the war, when it was just between the lowly Meese and the D-Train, the Hedgehogs showed their kindness and peacefulness by joining with their sister Dillos in a pact of neutrality. However, this was not to last. At the boy band battle of TIP sync, the treacherous Ty declared that the so-called MooseTrain alliance was at war with the Hedgehogs, Dillos and Rats. The cunning hedgehogs decided to bide their time, and their first attack was not made until the last Wednesday.

Composed mainly of those in Sam and KP's evening activity Xmas in July, an elite team (including hedgehogs Sesalie, Madeleine, Pri, Jaci, Chelsea, Katherine Z., and Hannah) made their first strike. Snowflakes were carefully crafted throughout the night, and during the last half of the activity, Mama Sam and Mama KP went to work. They feigned a reason for leaving, in order to force Duncan into staying in O Commons to supervise the tipsters. Whilst Duncan was stuck in the commons, the courageous Hedgehog and Dillo Mamas snuck into his room and made off with his cache of Nerf guns. When activities were let out, "MooseTrain" members were shocked to find that their walls and doors had been covered in snowflakes, Dillohog alliance posters, and duct tape declaring Dillohog supremacy.

The "MooseTrain" had plans to retaliate, but the clever Mamas had a mole, and so were prepared. They gathered all of their baby hedgehogs and dillos in Sam's room, where the door was locked tightly and plans were made. The "MooseTrain" never expected the barrage of paper balls and screaming girls that ran down their halls that night. Some of these barbarians resorted to brute force in the form of water gun, but those brave Dillohogs never flinched away. Some RCs protested that it was "on-hall" time, but the agreed upon response was that "THIS IS WAR!"

A peace resumed between the warring factions after this incident, until the "MooseTrain" committed an act so horrifically ill-timed and inappropriate that this hedgehog gets prickly just thinking about it. On the night of the Last Dance, a night filled with tears and more feels than any fandom, the "MooseTrain" decided to litter the Dillohog halls with flyers depicting their supposed awesomeness. Needless to say, this did not go over well, and they retreated after cleaning up their mess.