Sam's RAG Duke West Term 2 2014

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A.K.A. the PP Pirates, consisting of:

  • Sam aka "The Pirate Queen"
  • Nathan aka "The Chalk Vandal"
  • Cameron aka "The Bowtiererer"
  • Kyle D. aka "The Craftsman"
  • Connor aka "The Magick Man"
  • Akash aka "A-Kash Monei"
  • Kyle B. aka "The Frisbee Man"
  • Ryan aka "Da Bes"
  • Allan aka "MAO Maniac"
  • Jonathan aka "Hat Masta'"
  • Robert-Luke aka "Guitar Hero"

They were the P-People and they lived in the P building of Kilgo. Although they were the PP Pirates their theme was Office supplies in Space (Mostly because their actual theme never got put up). Their RC Samantha Tackett was obsessed with their lives and RelationTIPs. She was Especially intrigued by Kyle Duval's RelationTIP with Sarah Freeman. Their warcry was "LASERTAG!!!!!!!".