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Samantha Brooks was an RC at TAMU, during an unspecified time (though probably sometime in 2009), and UGA both terms 2010. This article is about her 2010 II girls. 2010 I or A&M girls, feel free to add yourselves in, just edit apropritely. If there's another Sam's RC Group out there, get your own page!

Sam's girls were a group of second and third years on the third floor. Incedentally, there was only one other group of girls on this floor. Take that as you will. Anyway, we were quickly bonded over our mutual dislike of cheerleaders, and Sam's forced bonding times. We alternated rants and POGOs during group meeting, and were so awesome members of the other girl's RC group would join us (we adopted one). Our personal favorite in-joke was our lovely RC getting married every Wednsday, started by bubbles left in front of our doors the first day after her day off. We were the best/most closely bonded/insert positive adjective here. We were:

  • Sera
  • Meredith
  • Rebekah
  • Kataeya- AKA Kate or KayKay
  • Gwen
  • Theo
  • Kathy
  • Emily
  • Kadesha
  • Olivia
  • Julia
  • Merritt

The No List

This entry would not be complete without a mention of the no list. Origionally made of only three topics to not be discussed, we annoyed Sam so much it was amended to include (if I've forgotten anything, add it!);

  • Twilight+
  • Politics+
  • Religion+
  • Excessive Hetalia
  • Racist zebra jokes
  • Austin the RC
  • Sam's acne
  • Dam water
  • Marylin Manson
  • Love

[Items marked with a + indicate they were the origional no list]

It was a common pastime of Sam's girls to make up sentances that broke every rule of the no list. The first time this happened was at dinner one evening, and made Sam go off to another table. The origional sentance went along the lines of;
"So, I totally voted for Obama cos he said Edward Cullen was a Satanist, which he totally is!"
And eventually became something like this;
"So, I was getting some dam water when Austin the RC came up and told me a racist zebra joke, and then mentioned something about Sam's acne and how Obama loves Twilight cos Stephanie Meyer's a Mormon and apparently Marylin Manson doesn't like Mormons or Hetalia!"