Sam Gordon

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TIP 2017

Sam Gordon is a second year third year, and decided to go to Rice University during term 1, taking the class Game Theory: Economics. They were in Claudia's RC Group, aka the Krabby Patties, and acted as Cricky in the Mulan TIPsync performance by their RC group. They were known for making random sounds and having a New York accent, which a few of their friends, Andreana Faucette, fangirled over. Sam also "impregnated" Andreana by touching her hand six times. Their children were all named Bram something or another, Bram being a combination of Burrito and Sam. They also impregnated Mira Browning by touching their pinky twice, resulting in twins named Tim and Tam. Sam also impregnated Erik Asbjornson, but only once. There was another person they impregnated, but I can't remember. Sam was also part of the Wish Granting Squad, with Andreana, Kora, and Mira. Also, Sam is too gay for their own good and is pretty super cool.