Sam Lafell

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Sam Lafell, aka Ryan Evans from High School Musical, was definitely a big part of the Davidson experience for the Term 1 2018 kids. His willingness to get his nails painted, the fact that he's Ryan's twin, and that he was just generally awesome put him in our hearts as the best RLC EVER 'till the end of time. Plus, after he did the salsa with Abigail, Sail is definitely a thing in our heads, even if it's not a thing in reality. I mean, seriously, the only bad thing he ever did was the God-awful scavenger hunt.

Things we LOVE about Sam

  • His painted nails
  • His hair
  • His being our favorite High School Musical character
  • Him being a perfect pairing with someone who just happened to be able to salsa too (really? coincidence? i think not. #Sail)
  • A perfect "surprise" cameo in the winning group's High School Musical TIPSync performance (lets be honest, we totally saw it coming)
  • His puns at TIPSync between performances
  • His dancing skills in general

We love you Sam!!