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Samip was a third year at west term one in 2010 and a fourthie at west term one in 2011. He, alongside Kevin Murgas, is the one credited for the introduction of NASCAR to the Tip West Community. Although some did not know his name, they knew him as the "tall indian kid who says nascar a lot". He was also the one who started all the mosh pits alongside Barry Snyder in his fourth year term. He was a Jer-Bear to the core and still is to this day.

Third Year

Samip was a proud member of Matt Love's original RC group. He took Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics (Instructor: Mike Rusnak TA: Jenna McNeil) during Term 1, although the sign on his door said otherwise. He was known to be good friends with Sloan Miler, James Cobb, and, perhaps his best ever tip friend as well as one of his best friends outside of tip, Russell Gray. During his third year, he became the proud inventor of the legendary Sex Wink ( :)-> X) -> ;D ) which guarantees the user a date with someone that appeals to them. He co-captained Team Second Place with Cos Centanni and sure enough, the placed second in the frisbee tournament, losing to Team Team. He was roommates with Wesley Guo and is still friends with him to this day. During the dances, he was a shy guy, doing only the American Pie dance. That would surely change during his fourth year at tip.

Fourth Year

One of the founding fathers of the Jer-Bears (Jeremy's first RC group). He took genetics (Instructor: Juliette Khale TA: Sammie Smith) during Term 1 and despised it. He was thought to have a bromance with the rest of his RC group called the Jer-Bears however, this was only a belief. Although he was usually with his RAG, he also was good friends with Albin John, Fawwad Khan, Barry Snyder, Victoria Ly, Heidi Schruben, Brandon McCannless, and basically his entire genetics class. During his fourth year, he introduced NASCAR and Parkour to his fellow tipsters and they both soon became signature words of Tip West 2011 T1. He captained the frisbee team Anonymous Decepticons and, although they lost to a bunch of second years (which, might I add, also beat the well-favorited Sons of Jesus) they should have played the staff as the second place team. At dances, he was a completely different person from the third year Samip. He, along with Barry Snyder, started several mosh pits (not getting caught ever) and he was always into having a fun time on the dancefloor. His fourth year was the first time he ever slow danced with a girl and so that helped him further come out of his shell. Samip has been called a famous person of Tip West 2011 T1 by some of his friends. Although some did not know him by name, he was either known as the tall indian kid who was really good at frisbee, or the tall indian kid who always yelled NASCAR! He escorted Amanda Lewellyn to the last dance after which he became depressed/tipressed (which is not a great combination for those of you who have never had it before). On the last night, he and a couple of his friends were invited to one of their female friend's room where they were going to hang out with some of their close friends from that RAG. They got caught 3 times by RC Sean however, at 4AM, they successfully got down to the room. On the last day, he was the second to last tipster to leave campus.


Samip intends on becoming an RC the minute he can and aims to be the greatest RC ever to work at Tip West.

TiP Siblings

Shortly after his last term at TiP west, Samip formed a mini family of tipsters which consists of his good TiP friends. Members are:

Albin John, Amina Abdu, Fawwad Khan, Patrick Tarrant, Victoria Ly, Braden Gammon, Russell Gray, Robert Epstein (he actually took me into his family and so it works both ways), Josh Lafond-Favieres (who has made Samip his trusty brofesor and so has also become a member of la familia).

The family is still growing to this day...