Sampson and Mary Ann

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Sampson and Mary Ann were two TiP Babies conceived by Duke West Term II Tipsters Morgan Young and Hailey Winston (it is important to note that both Morgan and Hailey are GIRLS, and did not actually engage in any Non-TIPropriate behavior). Sampson was mothered by Hailey and fathered by Morgan, Mary Ann with Morgan as the mother and Hailey as the father.

They were created at the Rag Night Slumber Party, while the other RC Members were unaware. Both were balloons with their names, dates of birth, and parents written on them, along with the label "TiP Baby". While many others tried to replicate them, they remain, to date, the only REAL TIP babies to have ever been in existence.

When RC Kat was shown her TiP Grandchildren, the reaction was one of shock and incredulity. Needless to say, Mary Ann and Sampson weren't allowed outside the hall.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Sampson, while traveling through security, lost his airline ticket and had to be popped by his own mother. Emotional scars are still intact, and a brief eulogy was written for him. Copyrights are still being placed upon the aforementioned poem, rendering it unusable on this website.

Mary Ann was abducted somewhere between North Carolina and Atlanta, GA. An Amber Alert was sent out in an attempt to locate her, but was apparently not important enough to earn a place on the highways of America.

Morgan and Hailey are still mourning over the loss of their children, but are open to questions if they need be posed.

The godmother of Mary Ann and Sampson is TiPster Megan Murphy, since she was the first to welcome them into this world (besides their mothers). Megan also mourns the loss of her darling godchildren.