Sarah Butter Palin

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A cock.

A character from the "Create a story" activity scrapped by JMG


A story about Cocks and "spilling the conditioner" (thanks to the brilliant mind of Jason Jang)which sparked the minds of JMG was posted in their nook corner. Every Rag member was encouraged to write one or two words a day to add on to this story. At first this idea was tame and well, however with the eventual additions of Cocks and "spilling the conditioner" the story went out of control. It became a story of Dylan "Italiano" stealing muffins (which led to the name JMG although at the time none of the members of our rag knew that a muffin was an innuendo for vagina). However the true demise of the story (due to the burning of the story via our RC Jordan)was due to Ben Gourley's creation of a character named "Sarah Butter Palin". After that the story was scrapped due to the spam of political topics.


SARAH BUTTER PALIN? Are you RETARDED or something?
I just spilled all the conditioner!