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Sarah Garza is an amazing TiPster who is reknowned not only for her bunnyrabbit esque facial features but also for her ridiculous dancing-ness. Sarah a cohort of Joe Sharp The Emmas and others, was one of the very few who danced during the first dance of East Term 1 2009 and was a great proponent in bringing the spirit back to the barren world that was the Swine '09 fallout. (edit: it wasn't THAT barren.)

When Sarah went to Davidson term one '07, she was in Emily P's third floor RAG. She roomed with Cappy Pitts and took From Wonderland to Hogwarts. She helped to actually create some milky milky cocoa puffs, as described in the then-popular song "my humps" by the black eyed peas.

As a second year, she roomed with Imagine Uhlenbrock. They had fun times. They were in Emily Hanna's hallway, on the third floor again.

As a THIRD year, Sarah was on the third floor AGAIN, this time rooming with Jordan R. It was so epic. They never broke the roommate code and cell phone usage was just insane, like actually kind of ridiculous. Sarah was a really fast shower-er. Their RC was Amrita, who was in love with Peter and a little bit Will, which was a little bit awkward because of the whole bromance thing. At the '09 term one lip sync Sarah participated in not one, but TWO acts. One was "Tainted Love" with Joe Sharp and Emma Joslyn, while the other was "Take Me or Leave Me" from Rent, which she did with Cat Hollander. They won, despite only having practiced for a day. They ate a vermonster. It was so awesome. Not only did Sarah and Cat Hollander achieve 1st place at this TiPsync, but also the performance of "Tainted Love" earned the third place prize!