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Savannah the RC!!

Savannah is the best RC in all of TiP! She is fun, funny, and super sweet.

Known For:

- Having the best dance moves for every occasion

- Being the most hippie

- Making her RC Group a button with her face on it, with the edge color-matched to her tongue. We will treasure it always!!

- Boosting spirit at dances and Summerfest

- Always having the perfect outfit for the theme of that week's dance

Savannah's Medium-Sized Einsteins - Term 1 2019

- Ela

- Helen

- Carmen

- Olivia

- Rachel

- Miriam

- Marianna

- Sadie

- Anna

- Mona

- Cici

- Josie

- Camille

- Christian

RC Group Nights

Savannah made sure we always had a great time!

- Week 1: Movie and pizza

- Week 2: Ben & Jerry's and CVS run

- Week 3: Movie, Pizza, and Cinnamon Rolls


- Savannah's RC group totally rocked "It's Tricky" by Run-DMC and won first place!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Savannah herself, along with RCs Kate and Sam, performed Super Trouper from Mamma Mia! Go Savannah!!!!