Scott's Hater Blockers

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The Hater Blockers of Infinite Swag

It was on a day like any other at Duke TIP east term 1. Then disaster struck. An unknown force, rumored to be either goats or possibly young writers, attacked TIP. The RC Scott, known far and wide for his infinite swag (proven at legend of the hidden tipsters when the answer to the question, "who is the RC with the most swag?" was Scott) defeated the force by emitting overpowering rays of swagger. When the battle was done, Scott seeing his work was done left TIP, but not before bestowing his shutter shades (or known by him as "hater blockers") onto a fittingly swaggy tipster. His wish was for the hater blockers (pronounced hayta blockas) to become a TIP relic and last as an eternal symbol of Scotts unforgetable swag as both a tipster and RC.