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Scott Youngblood AKA SCOTTY P is the greatest RC of all time. (Duke West 2005)

Taking short breaks from his rigourous daily routine of playing internet poker, sleeping, getting yelled at by Matt Makel, and screwing the asian chick in the front office (who he is still dating as of now), he would allow his kids to stay in his room past curfew to play mario tennis and watch dirty movies on his laptop, and organize large money poker games in his room.

KIDS (Term II)

-Brad "B-Rad" Pansing

-Brad's roomate who always played his guitar, shaved his head into a mohawk, and woke everyone up with bad heavy metal music.

-Andrew "Jew" Max

-Brandon "Boca Hoops" Karsch

-Eric "urrric" Something

-Nathan "Cybercamps AKA loser AKA Eric's annoying roomate" Something

-three kids who never talked to anyone

-Andrew "Drewlu" Lu

-Rohit "Pube-chin" Indianlastname

-Daniel "D-train AKA D" Kushing

-HONORARY MENTION Jesus. Not actually in Scotty's rag, but always hung out with them and has an awesome name.


Harry Potter Trivia - a simple event organized by scotty P,this quickly turned nasty when several of his kids realized what RC was hosting this event. The answers were so graphic that at one point,at the request of his boss, he was required to state that "Scotty P likes little boys sausage is NOT an appropiate answer to any of these questions"

The Pube Chin - When a kid in Scottys rag, rohit, decided he could win an argument with scotty, scotty pointed out that the kids chin had hair on it making it look like a pube chin. the nickname stuck.

Casino Day - A self deemed professional poker player, Scotty took it upon himself to cheat the poker table to let his kids win. Kids from other rags were schocked to be beaten by four of a kinds, straight flushes, and even a royal flush. Scottys rag came in second, and chose the coveted trip off campus prize, which will become pivotal in scotty's infamous last night antics.

Scotty's Goodbye

The first thing that will obviously come to mind when anyone thinks of Scotty P is his last night. Scotty took it upon himself to, on the last night, finally take his kids on the off campus trip. Only the cool ones though. And jesus, everyone liked that kid. So unbenknowst to the kids, Scotty decided to buy some alcohol to help him forget he had just spent 6 weeks of his life with spoiled annoying nerdy kids. Giving the kids coke and fruit drinks in his room the last night, two kids, Andrew "jew" and Griffin "EMO" were caught in his room. When Scotty passed out drunk in a common room, the two were brought into the office for questioning, along with other kids. Eventually they were let off, but people still believe scotty wasnt the only one drinking that night.

After TIP

Scotty now lives with his girlfriend in Atlanta. He works as an event planner intern at the Georgia World Congress Center and spends most of his day online playing poker at TIP originally docked his last 3 days pay, but eventually paid him his full salary.