Sean O'Neal

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Sean O'Neal is a second-year TIPster from Johns Creek, Georgia (The same city as Tristan Cozier) who attended TIP 2015 at Wake Forest Term II campus in the Cryptography class and TIP 2016 at Georgia Tech Term I campus in the International Relations class. Sean's TIP Future is uncertain, as his parents are conflicted on whether or not to send him back for TIP 2017 or TIP 2018.


During the Ice Breakers in evening study in the first week of TIP, Surya Korrapati was reading his answers to questions, and in response to the question "Where would you like to travel?" responded with "Iceland". Immediately Sean, having miscellaneously scoured the internet prior to TIP, stood up, slammed his hands on the table, and proceeded to exclaim loudly to the class, "THERE IS NO CRIME IN ICELAND!!", shocking the class. Following this event, the phrase "There's no crime in Iceland" became a class inside joke, and the design for their class TIP T-shirt.