Sebastian Babis

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The beloved holder of the Gentleman's Hat at Duke East (nicknamed Seabass) for the second term of 2015. He is the younger brother of the famed Nicholai, a striking portrait of example that Sebastian has used as inspiration when engaging in any TIP-affiliated endeavors. Mr. Babis is quite extraordinary, as evidenced by the facts below.
Sebastian (pre-hat) in his third year class, International Relations

  • Mr. Babis was a first year third-year at East Term II but quickly fell in love with his class, his dorm, and his quickly acquired friends (who mostly knew of him through his brother).
  • Mr. Babis was placed into a second-year RAG, although a third-year in both mental and physical regards, due to miscommunications in internal paperwork in the application process.
  • In his class, Mr. Babis became quick friends with tradition holders, both past and present (of which there were many), quickly solidifying himself as a frontrunner for one
  • In his first TIPsync, with fellow third years Kyle Dickson, Harrison Porter, John Learned, and others from Harrison's RAG, Mr. Babis proceeded to dance so well to the song "It's Not Unusual" that the lights in the building actually went out as a gesture of respect. Although his group did not win, Sebastian won the hearts of the masses.
  • Billis Billis Billis Billis Billis Billis Billis Billis
  • The hat was soon drawn to his aura after this light-stopping feat, and Sebastian could be seen every once in a while with it on, speaking to it in hushed whispers (obviously in parseltongue)
  • During dances, he was often at the center of mosh pits, exemplifying his bravery and physical strength
  • With the help of his fellow third years (and a rogue second year) on makeshift drums and Kyle Dickson (also a third year) on trumpet, Mr. Babis absolutely killed the talent show with the act "Zebra Cakes featuring Lil Billis and the Trumpets of Heaven". Although the whole act was only one single chord progression, it lit up the audience like a pocket LED flashlight shining directly in your cornea from two feet away.
  • Lastly, as he put the Gentleman's Hat on his head during the Last Night, one single solitary tear could be seen slowly sliding down Mr. Babis' face. Such a scene could only be rivaled by Clint Eastwood at the end of Unforgiven.

Sebastian "Lil Billis" Babis is an amazing TIPster/gentleman, and his fourth year will be absolutely legendary. Until next July, he shall lie in waiting in the depths of Tampa Bay, slowly brooding over ideas for the 2015 East Term II talent show while stroking the rainbow patch on his Gentleman's Hat. And so it was.