Second Floor Bassett

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During term 2 2016 at Duke East, something amazing happened. For whatever reason, every third year boy's RAG was located on the second floor of Bassett residence hall. It was completely unique at East campus, and the antics that followed would forge an unbreakable bond between the third year men of that term.

Week One

As the tipsters rolled their bags into their rooms on the first day, everything seemed normal. Nobody had noticed yet the vast potential of the second floor and it went virtually noticed all week. The real magic began after the cancellation of the first dance. As all the boys ran in from the rain, the indomitable Rico Garcia decided that no, the party would not, could not, end there. He ran down the hallway, and in a moment of sheer brilliance, asked the Third year boys to repeat after him. "WHEN I SAY SECOND FLOOR YOU SAY BASSETT" was the rallying cry, and with those words a bond was created between the tipsters that would never be broken. for the next fifteen minutes, all three floors of the building were filled with the unified voices of future goons.

Week Two

The chant continued to be an almost daily occurrence at any time, whether it be in the dining hall, during free time, or after the second dance. However, the most notable use of the chant was its modification as the third year chat at quadfest. Now not only did it represent the second floor, but all of the third years. Truly magnificent.

Week Three

Idk not a lot happened with the chant week three, we def did it on the last night tho, and that was fun.

Long live the second floor. Drop 'em in the chat.


During 2017, the majority of the 2nd floor of bassett returned to tip as 4th years and they all lived on the 2nd floor of brown. The chant continued, occasionally disturbing the third years that lived on the 2nd floor of bassett.