Seems illegit

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"Seems illegit" is a phrase created by Razzy (Rosie) and Chaz (Chris) toward the beginning of East Term One in 2012. Having found the phrase "seems legit" too mainstream, Chaz and Rosie began replacing "legit" with "illegit". Here is an example of the phrase's proper use:

TIPster 1: "This meatloaf contains no actual meat. Seems legit." TIPster 2: "YOU MEAN...?" TIPsters 1 and 2: *in unison, with extreme enthusiasm* "ILLEGIT!"

Although that is the standard form, usage of the phrase may vary to keep it from becoming legit, therefore making "seems illegit" legit, which would defeat the whole purpose. TIPsters are encouraged to use the phrase in different fantastic and illegit ways, but NO NORMAL HUMANS (non-TIPsters) MUST EVER USE IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Seems illegit.