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Now retired tipster who went all 4 years. Austin college term 1 2015 Rice term 2 2016 Lsu term 2 2017 Lsu term 2 2018 Seth took Engineering, Satire, Time Travel, and Neuropsych, respectively Seth's roommates included Lukas Weigand, Reece Riherd, Tony Lemcke, and Josh Ryan

Seth was known all four years as the god of foosball. He never lost a game. Ever. All four years. People would double team him, give themselves free goals, and many other things. There was no beating Seth at foosball. Eventually he was banned from the table each year because people were tired of losing constantly. I guess he was pretty good at cup pong too. Seth was known as a pretty good soccer player, which led his team to win the sport in the respective field day fests each year. LSU Term 2 2018 Defensive MVP in staff student ultimate Member of "Kind Eyes", which completed a sweep of every group activity during LSU Term 2 2018