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One fateful Sunday (June 25th, 2017), Caelen made a big mistake. Shan had stolen Caelen's hat! Caelen needed it because he needed to be everyone's favorite bear, Paddington Bear. His heart and soul was in that hat. It was his everything. Shan started dashing away and the temporary GT Police (Aeryn and Jackson) attempted to corner Shan (Although Jackson was too far behind to help). Shan was corned in the stairwell nearest to the first floor laundry room. Eventually, Shan made up a story that he had received that hat from his mother, who was apparently a doctor! Sadly, they did not believe this, and waited for Caelen to show up to verify that the hat was indeed his. Caelen showed up and took that hat, but then Shan took it again and attempted to run. He got about five feet before he was caught. Caelen then had to get the hat from Shan again. Shan started passing the hat from hand to hand, and Caelen had an idea. A 'terrible one. He said that if Shan put the hat above his head, he would let Shan keep the hat for a while. After Shan finally put up his hands, the event happened. Caelen indeed did not go for the hat. Caelen brought light to where light was needed. Let it be known that Caelen did not go all “Bill Clinton” on Shaun. It was just a prank. (Ayh did naht have s**ual relations wit dat wooman.) The witnesses to this traumatic scene were Sam, Aeryn, Shan, Caelen, and Jackson. Thus, Shaelen was created.

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