Shakesperience:From the Page to the Stage (Trinity)

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This class was a combination of reading/interpreting Shakespeare's works and acting/performing what we read. We read 12th Night, Henry the IV part one, As You Like It, MacBeth(Angels and ministers of grace defend us!), and Much Ado About Nothing. We also acted out and analyzed scenes from these plays. We took many class field trips to onsite theatres and coffee shops, and on the last week we left campus to go see Much Ado About Nothing(just remember to not drive like Maya).

Class Members:

  • Instructor: Tonia
  • TA: Amelia
  • Mary Frances
  • Samantha
  • Lars (Malvolio)
  • Nina
  • Sydney(Duke Squidney of the Narwhals)
  • Anna (AZA)
  • Lauren
  • Miranda
  • Emily

Inside Jokes

  • My name is Viola....What Cesario?
  • the panty raid
  • Well look at that Duke Orsino is attractive
  • What is it that carries you away my love...My horse my lady my horse!
  • Oh Orlando!
  • Some are born great...Some achieve greatness....And some have greatness thrust upon them!
  • Romeo and Juliet=#shakespeareanyolo
  • A guy playing a girl playing a guy: logic or cross-dressing conspiracy
  • All's well that's ends well...mostly
  • Cross gartered yellow stockings...It's a thing!
  • Mary Frances' and Sam's daily conversations:

Mary Frances*sarcastically insults Sam*

Sam: Is this how its gonna be?

Mary Frances: Yea Sam it is

Sam: You wanna go Mary Frances? We can go.

Mary Frances: Fine Sam lets take this outside

Sam: I'll bring water and germex

Mary Frances: Fine Sam lets do this

  • Don't ever hit a dog with a volleyball/don't hit any dogs with a volleyball, they will hold it against you forever!
  • Screw water! It's Kool-Aid!