Shaving Party

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The shaving party is an extremely utilitarian concept in which girls of a shared RAG use the sinks and share shaving cream for the purpose of shaving their legs together. This option is not only more fun than using the shower, but it also makes maximum use of the limited showers, especially those of the marine lab where this method was first employed. The shaving party was pioneered by tipsters Karlyn Simcox and Margaret Bowden of Sarah's RAG at term 1 of the marine lab in 2015. The second shaving party soon expanded to include nearly the entire rag. The idea was so popular that another girls RAG tried to replicate the method and claim it for their own. However, it is clear that the two tipsters of Sarah's RAG were truly the first to put this principle into practice seeing as their shaving party occurred before that of the other RAG. The concept of the shaving party is beneficial to those who have underestimated their necessary amount of shaving cream and aloe as well seeing as the tipster with the highest quality shaving cream or aloe is usually extremely willing to share with her rag members. It is to be hoped that this tradition can carry on at the marine lab especially and perhaps be adopted by other campuses as well.