Shirts Off

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This is a tradition at UGA Term 1 2012, in which a 4th year guy would randomly say "Shirts OFF." This would be followed by others saying, "shirts off?" "Shirts OFF?" "SHIRTS OFF!", eventually leading to a frenzy of everyone yelling "SHIRTS OFF!" Shirts were only actually taken off once, and only by guys in the dorm hallways, but that was enough for the RC's. The only way they can get tipsters to stop saying "Shirts off?" is to quickly reply, "Shirts ON!" This method of prevention was, for the most part, not mainly utalized until the following year at term 1, where they SPECIFICALLY INSTRUCTED both the residential staff and teaching staff how to quickly remedy this outburst of shirtless boys.

The phrase "Shirts off?" is still occasionally uttered from time to time, but is quickly shut down by a staff member. However, shirts off is still an ongoing tradition. Shirts off will live on!