Short Shorts

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On the faithful day of June 29, 2018, (The last day of Term I at Davidson ) a group of boys consisting of Charles, Anansi, and 3 others thought it would be nice to start “protesting” in the middle of the basement lounge. Without explanation, they geared up their class T-shirts and whatever not-TIPpropriate length booty shorts they could find. Soon they were walking around in circles while screaming “WHATCHYA LOOKING AT?!”, and, “MY EYES ARE UP HERE!”. Causing some girls who believe In equality such as Norah and Sydney to join in and stand for clothing equality. Eventually, Charles ended up rolling around on the floor as everyone except 2 boys playing Dungeons and Dragons attempted to evacuated the room.

There may have only been around 10 people in the room, but you better believe there was no space with these boys’s antics. Eventually they stopped after RHL Karen stepped in and told them to quiet down. This happened immediately after dinner, so it might be possible to blame it on the Jello from Vail.