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Shoulder Cookie has likely been an idea for years, but it hasn't been popularized very much until summer studies at East Campus Term 2 2012. The idea arose when a group of 2nd-years and a 3rd-year (Tyler Tinari, Clayton Delp, Ian English, Carly Pittman, Savannah 'Lilli' Eubank and many others) were at lunch during the first week of TIP. Tyler had a cookie and everyone at the table wondered how eating a cookie could be more interesting. They thought and eventually, the idea of nibbling the cookie while it rested on their shoulders came about. Soon enough, the idea stuck and the craze spread all over campus. There are many accounts of 4th years, RCs and even teachers participating in this activity (some on video).

The unofficial champion of shoulder cookie and variations (under 'Variations') is Tyler, although no times have been recorded yet.


The object of 'Shoulder Cookie' is to eat the cookie as fast as possible and/or to eat the cookie faster than opponents (optional, but recommended) following the rules below.


  • The regulation cookie is the sugar cookie from the Union at East (possibly other campuses) during lunch and dinner. Chocolate chip cookies may also be used.
  1. You must position the cookie before the game starts. If you position it (with anything but your mouth) during the game, you will be disqualified.
  2. You can't touch the cookie with anything but your mouth and your shoulder.
  3. The cookie must stay in contact with the shoulder for the duration of the game.
  4. If the cookie falls to the ground during the game, you are disqualified. (Optional: you can eat it off of the ground)
  5. You are allowed to move your shoulder in order to eat the cookie, but you can't force the cookie into your mouth with your shoulder.
  6. Have fun. Or not. Your choice.


  • Shoulder krispy (rice krispy treats)
  • Shoulder M&Ms
  • Double shoulder cookie
  • Shoulder fry
  • Lilli's less appropriate version of shoulder fry (not on shoulder)
  • Shoulder drink (not recommended)
  • Shoulder ice cream sandwich
  • Shoulder girl c;


There are also variations where the rules and/or objectives are altered, so either of those stated above are just regulation guidelines.