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Shugg Fraizer is most commonly known for attending Rollins College Term 1 in 2016. He and a girl named Isabella had a unofficial relationtip during camp, that every staff and student member wanted him to act on. One important moment in their relationtip was the day they cuddled while watching the notebook. On the last day, he planned on kissing Isabella but ended up not doing so. After camp he regretted his decision. Shugg is also known through his relationtip with Shaun Rousso (Shauggy). They dressed as salt and pepper for one of the dances, before hand they posed for many uncomfortable prom photos. This was one of the most shipped ships, that term. To this day they are still shipped by many.
That term, Shugg was one of the most popular kids, knowing most of the people there. One of his friends, Avery, lent him a dress to wear to one of the dances. He wore it the entire dance.
He was, and still is to this day, a huge Guns N' Roses fangirl; almost 40% of conversations he had, he mentioned them.