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A slaptor is a TIPerson who walks around like a raptor and smacks people or other slaptors with their slaptor claws, causing a slaptor fight. This usually ends with making nice and slaptor-hug, but if you don't make nice then the other slaptor has a right to turn back to a human and yell at you. Invented at Davidson, the technique was used most by the Creative Writing TA, Ellen Snell, as she would sometimes tell her slaves/students to be quiet in the hallways, then proceed to slaptor them to test their quiet abilities. Kathryn Jason, one of her students, edited the game so that there was a distinct winner or loser. The competitive game could be played in several ways: -The slaptors would stand across from each other, sizing up the competition. (Think boxing match type thing.) Then, they one would go forward and attack. The other would dodge and/or attack while they try to strike. If both hit the other at the same time, it wouldn't count either way. The ultimate goal is to slap your opponent while avoiding being hit yourself. The game is similar to the ever-popular Ninja, but it's a continual battle, and no one takes turns or anything stupid like that. These rules remained the same regardless of the variation being played.

1. IN one variation, the slaptors go one on one, the first to be slapped loses. 2. In a similar version, the slaptors do the same thing, but the first one to hit their opponent 20 times wins. 3. In a way cooler version with way more swag, at least three people play, every man for himself. Sometimes temporary alliances form in order to take out threatening players. As a result, the best Slaptor doesn't nessecarily win. 4. Finally, Slaptor can be played with an even number of people divided up into teams. The team with the last person/people standing wins.

NOTE: One particularly great rivalry was between Kathryn Jason (see above) and Aubrey, two awesome people from Davidson term 2 2011. They were both awesome, but Kathryn has way more swagg.