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Term 1 Georgia Tech 2016

The man, the legend, Dan (a.k.a Jesus) had the wonderful idea to bring a Wii U to Georgia Tech for Duke TIP (side note: thank you #DanClan). Because of this, we have had the blessing to play smash basically 24/7. Some notes about the gameplay is the many unofficial and inappropriate language spoken (JK we kept it TIPropriate), and the unholy amount of names when the entire thing finished. Seriously, Dan's Wii U probablyy ran out of storage because of the amounts of names shoved into it. A large inside joke was the many times people screamed TRIGGERED when something went wrong.

Luckily for all those who were playing, Dan had purchased the DLC, so lots of Ryu and Lukas were seen on on the battlefield. Dan brought 4 GameCube controllers (the best type) and a broken AF gamepad. Oddly, Another tipster brough two Wii U Pro controllers, so besides some DS's, the total amount of players each time was 7.

Main Players

Red Robin (Robin)

Meme (Kirby, Marth)

Danondorf (Ganondorf)

Cpt. Mexico (Pikachu)

Soup (Lukas)

Stew (Ness)

Llama (Dark Pit)

One Punch Man (Little Mac)

Random (Random)

Wizrad (Littleraly everybody used this name at least once

TRIGGERED (Marth, Roy, Ike)

DatBoi (Greninja)

Please edit if I forgot your name :|