Smiley face cult

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The smiley face cult is a select group of tipsters that wear smiley faces on their cheek. The elite group of young adults started this group to pass their time in Criminal Law & Mock Trial at UGA term 2, 2010. The reported members are (curly)Sarah, Austin, Leta and Jas. Other distict features of the smiley face cult are doodles, preferably in either pink or purple, covering both Jas and Ausitn's arms and the four seats at the very back of the bus.

Members of the smiley face club could often be found eating breakfast and lunch together in their fine lawyer outfits or sitting on the benches waiting for the last elevator outside of class.

Although this was Sarah's last year at TIP, Jas, Leta and Austin plan to keep the smiley face cult alive in 2011 and for Leta in 2012 as well.