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Snakespeare, a.k.a. the term 2 2017 Davidson class "The Millenial Rebirth of the Bard: Shakespeare in the 21st Century", was a "gult" featuring numerous members, including the tipsters but also Hamlet, Hamilton, Simba, Shakespeare, and others. The members of Snakespeare had numerous inside jokes. One famous joke was "The Ice Cube Heist", in which secret instructions hidden in code in the Summer Studies Handbook would reveal to the gult members where diamonds were hidden. The gult members would borrow the diamonds and hide them in ice cubes, and then hide the ice cubes in one of Davidson's many sacred trees. The white board in the Snakespeare classroom had "Shakespeare" written on it. It became a joke to erase the top part of the lower case "h" in Shakespeare and make it "Snakespeare", and then see how long it took for Taylor and Amanda (the teacher and TA) to notice. It also became common practice by the third week to add honorary members to the Snakepeare gult, which included other tipsters who were not in Snakespeare, but also fictional or historical characters like ALexander Hamilton, Hamlet and Horatio from Hamlet, and Simba from the Lion King. The emblem of Snakespeare was a snake slithering around an ice cube with a diamond in it, a reference to the infamous Ice Cube Heist. Members of Snakespeare could "bite their thumb" but end in a thumbs-up. Biting your thumb was a gesture from Shakespeare's time and is famously used in one of the first scences in Romeo and Juliet.This was used as an inside joke. Overall Snakespeare was the best class because the class consisted of reading tons of dirty jokes in Shakespeare's plays, watching movies like 10 Things I Hate About You, The Lion King, She's The Man, and more including an episode of Doctor Who, and the movie version of Hamlet, with David Tennant as Hamlet, learning how to swordfight, learning stage makeup, yoga, theater games, and certainly not taking the elevator every day. There was way more, including random clip art for the shirt, watching The Office, inside jokes, and the best teacher/TA ever. Sadly, it appears that Duke Tip is trying to move away from English and Humanities courses and focus on STEM, which means that there is a very likely chance that the members of Snakespeare were the very last Shakespeare class to be taught at Summer Studies. On the other hand, this meant that Taylor let us take home her Shakespeare book and her class stage makeup collection. It was bittersweet. Parting is such sweet sorrow.