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Dante and Dantet

Also known as Messi and Emma or Messi and Soccer, this is the biggest ship in the history of ships. Needless to say, I ship it. They met one fateful day in Architecture 1. I shipped them. Then they liked each other. I still shipped them. When Messi asked Emma out, I was the first to say, "I ship it." The first thing she said was "I'm really happy", then "I'm not sucking your dinky". Now it is the end of the term and they are either going to try long distance and get married and have kids and I will be an awesome aunt later in life or they will die. Because I ship them so hard. Messi even visited Emma after TIP. They went on a couple of dates and I think we can guess what happened then. Cough cough tip baby cough cough

That is all. Or is it??