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This is going to be very short and to the point due to the fact that it is being typed by one of the worst writers in TIP history. Social Psychology is a class normally offered at Duke West both terms. The instructors and TAs tend to change every year, but each term the classes leave with a large amount of inside jokes and an even larger amount of knowledge about random things that they can apply to life easily (like social penetration theory). As far as I know, the instructor/TA pair for Duke west 2011 was Catlin/Joey. There was a difference between the two terms of 2012 because the instructor for the first term is/was going to Europe. The instructor/TA pair for Duke West 2012 was Liz/Scott. Scott is probably the coolest TA ever because he can do an awesome rebel call that can't beat any other TA.

Duke West Term 1 2012

-Paola: most likely to be the hero gotham needs

-Jackson: most likely to decorate people

-Emily: most likely to pikachu(sneeze)

-Deanna: most likely to buy all the energy drinks

-Tori: most likely to make non-TIPpropriate jokes

-Alexis: most likely tooth love puns

-Nishali: most likely to have cool shorts

-Alice: most likely to 'stache

-Beth: most likely to verb

-Shane: most likely to be buried with the big bang theory

-Ben: That guy

-James: most likely to lose a frisbee on the roof

-Kent: most likely to gamble away his fortune

-Katie: most likely to hurt self raising hand

-Morgan: most likely to contradict

-Alyson: most likely to ask uncomfortable questions

-Margaret: most likely to be malnourished

-Legand: most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse

-Scott(TA): most likely to intoxicate rats

-Liz(instructor): most likely to start a tea spilling experiment

-Katherine: most likely to bake yummy cookies

Memorable quotes:

"I wanted it to be UNC vs Duke. But that means some of you would have to be UNC, and that blows." - Liz

"The wand chooses the wizard." - Ben

"Sexy and I know it." - Ben

"Hash-Tag" - Kent

"and then Boom...pregnant." - Liz

"I'm going to say something like killing the old people again." - Ben

"Can I be one of those three?" - Kent

"Child Abuse!" - Everyone (I think Beth started it)

"When you go bar hopping..." - TED Talk

"And that's why Abraham Lincoln invented the internet." - Scott

"I wish I could put frownie faces in my thesis." - John(Ab Psych TA) when he was visiting


"How many psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb? One, but the lightbulb has to want to change"-Scott

"Yee Yee!"-Scott