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Social Psychology was the best class of Term 1, or some may even say the entire year or ever, at Duke West.

Class Picture
Class Picture: T-Pose Edition
Meditation Session


  • Indigo (best dad ever)
  • Josh
  • Nairita
  • Addie
  • Emily
  • MJ
  • Reese
  • Dumebi
  • Colby(Colbert/Kolby/Kolbert)
  • Tess
  • Sofia
  • Jack
  • Gwen
  • Olivia
  • Katie
  • Snider
  • Savannah(ooh-nah-nah)
  • Alaina
  • Lillie
  • Derek
  • Instructor: Calvin
  • TA: Erin

(Bold signify 4th Years)

Notable Quotes


"Snaps for (person's name)!" - Gwen

"Despacito" - Dumebi

"Savannah, ooh-na-na" - Derek

"Is the IRB gonna get ya?/The IRB's gonna get ya" - Snider

"I'm from MiAmI, fLoRiDa" - Tess

"Conform or die!!" - Everyone

"I'm an adult virgin" - Alaina

"THE GAY™" - Also Everyone

"K? Kantaloupe" - Kolbert

"Should dogs be allowed to vote?" - Snider, again

"cis-white men from Cincinnati, Ohio" - Gwen, Derek, Indigo

Interesting Lecture Intro Slides

Sometimes, Calvin likes to make his intro slides a bit more interesting by replacing his and Erin's name with something ridiculous.

Few Sample Intros

Instructor: Calvin, the inventor of the T-Pose
TA: Erin, Master of the 5-knuckle shuffle
Instructor: Chewbacca
TA: Solo
Instructor: Calvin "T'Challa" Sims
TA: Erin Gillmonger
Instructor: Cal...err.. Erin Gilmore
TA: Calvin Sims
(This was on the day of the field trip to Nasher Art Museum where Erin led the day)
Instructor: Calvin's flip flops
TA: We live in a society

Superlatives for Term Book

Social Psychology - "Most likely to not feel so good"

Addie - "Most likely to wear rad socks"

Emily - "Most likely to be the next Lindsey Sterling"

MJ - "Most likely to be in a fandom"

Reese - "Most likely to go outside"

Dumebi - "Despacito"

Colby - "Most utilitarian/likely to be argumentative"

Tess - "Most likely to be a model"

Sofia - "Most likely to be a demigod"

Savannah - "Most likely to be Samantha"

Josh - "Most likely to turn into a bag of chips"

Gwen - "Most likely to buy a gallon of cucumber mint water from Brodhead"

Nairita - "Most likely to leave her clothes in the laundry room"

Jack - "Most likely to T-Pose"

Olivia - "Most likely to hold your hand"

Katie - "Most intimidating"

Snider - "Most likely to "do it to 'em"

Alaina - "Cutest hairstyles"

Indigo - "Best dad"

Lillie - "Best handwriting"

Derek - "Best slow dancer"

Calvin - "Most likely to take their shoes off"

Erin - "Most likely to be a Doctor"

The Fabulous Social Experiment during Lunch of Week 1

T-Posing on the stairs of Brodhead

During the 1st week of TIP, Calvin and admin allowed Social Psych to do mini-social experiments on everyone(aka annoying everyone). The experiments were a huge success, but it may have cemented our reputation of being the "weird ones from social psych".

List of experiments include:

  • T-posing on the stairs
  • Asking someone for help only to take them on a trip around Brodhead and not actually needing the help
  • Randomly walking up in between people
  • Shushing people and making them look at a random object
  • Weird high fives
  • Making Katie into a queen, Jack and Colby the throne, and everyone else as loyal subjects.
  • Standing too-close-for-comfort next to people


Ninja is a regular game at TIP, but Term 1 of 2018 of Social Psych played this during any available breaks. The winner will be in the winner's circle and is listed below.

The Awesome Winner's Circle

  • Colby
  • Dumebi
  • Derek
  • Sofia
  • Jack

Best Social Experiment in the History of Social Experiments

Group leaders of the fab experiment from left to right: Gwen, Derek, Indigo, and Katie

"The Effect of Material Consequences on the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma"

Social Psych created a more official social experiment revolving around the Prisoner's Dilemma and this experiment was more of a success than anyone anticipated. 110 TIPsters from 7 classes participated in this study (around half of Duke West) and the data produced some interesting results on how TIPsters make choices upon the relationship between their fellow classmates. The experiment went so well that it garnered some attention from admin and Social Psych was able to share a final presentation of the results on the last day.

The link to the presentation is here: [1]


  • "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good." (Made by fab TA, Erin)
  • "This is not a social experiment...yet."
  • Rainbow Pride
  • Transgender Pride


An awesome purple shirt! Duke Tip 2018 on the front. On the back, it's "We live in a society" along with a picture of a hand over a globe and everyone's names.