Solid Snake

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Solid Snake is one of the many traditions created at Texas A&M Term II 2010. During the final dance at sbisa, members of Jordan's 4th year RC group members, aka 1FH(first floor hooligans) resorted to the past time of walking and rolling like solid snake while on the way to the bathroom. This resulted in several RC's being suprised, most notably D-v-d. While few witnessed this feat of grandeur, It should not be forgotten. The next batch of fourth years, most notably Benson Robles, who has enough experience studying under Snake Master Kyle Duazo, should take the burden upon them selves. For training videos please contact Holden Van Houtan, who can connect you to Snake master Kyle. Or Contact Snake Master Kyle himself, but he wont know what you are talking about. For voice training, consult Snake Master Kyle directly, for it was he who was chosen to portray the part of Solid Snake for this reason, coupled with his immense athletic ability.