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Sophie Chen is a TIPster that started her TIP career in 2006, her first year. She took Geometry at Davidson College Term II. She had the best time of her life and made some life-long friends. For her second year, she went West Term II in 2007, taking the course Algebra 2. For her third year, she attended West Term II 2008, and took the Neuroscience class. She was quite aggrieved to see many traditions lost and rules changed since her second year. Such as the loss of the basement, having restricted Ultimate-playing hours, no Crest skit, and more. And yes, energetic and hyper mean two different things to her.

I remember in TIP 06 II at Davidson, Sophie had a sign on her door that said something to the effect of "Knock if you want to hear my theory." We eventually moved the sign to the bathroom door (which was across the hall) and would send someone in, knock, and then they'd state a theory. --Emily Fry

Sophie+Evan= <3